When can I expect my order?

We try our best to deliver your order within 7 working days. Orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed on the next business day. Please keep in mind we produce your order after payment, we do not simply grab your order from a warehouse. You'll be sure to receive the best quality and brand new items always!

I can't wait for my order? Can you give me a status update on it?

If you wish to enquire about an order you have already made, please view the status of your order by using the top right menu to sign in to your account. Please also read the answers to the most common questions right here in the FAQ section. 

I am looking for further details on materials and assembly...

Please be aware you can find detailed information about materials and the assembly of your wall art on the product page of each item. Click on the tab 'material and assembly' to get to the page where you can find all you need to know about the material and how to hang and install your product.

I have not received an order confirmation...

Please check your spam folder. If you can't find the confirmation in your inbox or your spam folder, it is likely you have made a typing error in your email address. The order confirmation is automatically mailed to you within a few minutes from completing your order.

Can I request a sample sticker?

We are happy to send you a free sample. Request one easily by email: littlewish836@gmail.com

Where can wall stickers and wall prints not be applied?

Our wall stickers can be applied to almost any dry, clean and smooth surface. However, they should not be used on wet, cold walls or rough plaster as the sticker cannot adhere properly. We recommend a test on the above surfaces. Freshly painted walls should be allowed to dry for 3 weeks before applying a sticker.

How do I remove a sticker from the wall?

Use a sharp knife to remove the sticker carefully. If difficulties should arise on glass, tiles or smooth surfaces, heat up the film using a hairdryer at the lowest setting. If your wall is exposed to direct sunlight the light may fade your wall paint over time (several years), but the area covered by the sticker will not fade. When you remove the sticker after a long period of time a shadow of it may remain.

Can I test if the sticker will adhere to my wall?

Yes! Stick a piece of adhesive tape to the desired surface. If the strip remains overnight without loosening, the surface should be suitable for applying stickers. Upon request, we can provide a sample for testing purposes.

Is it possible to adhere the film more than once?

As long as the application tape has not been removed, you can change the position of the sticker. After removal, it is difficult to re-position individual pieces of a sticker without influencing the adhesion.
Wall prints can be removed and re-used in a different place. Please be advised the adhesive ability decreases after every removal process.

Can I store the wall stickers?

If possible, you should not store the stickers - they are too pretty for that! If you cannot avoid that, our stickers should be stored level and dry no longer than 1-2 months at a temperature between 10 to 25 C.

Can wall stickers be applied in the bathroom

It is possible to apply a wall sticker in a bathroom or lavatory if the wall sticker will not get into direct contact with water, moist is not a problem. At Lemon Print you will also find wall stickers which are especially made for use in a damp environment.

I have recently painted my wall...

If you have recently painted your wall please keep in mind you need to wait at least three weeks before applying your wall sticker or wall print.

Is it possible to apply the wall sticker in parts?

Yes. You will receive your wall sticker ready to apply. It is possible to cut the wall sticker in several parts so you can divide the stickers the way you like most. You cut the wall sticker before applying it and apply it after.

How is the size of the products indicated?

The indicated sizes are width x height. The given size is always the size of the entire sheet on which you will receive your wall sticker. Any separate items, like butterflies, stars, hearts, etc. will be delivered to you on this sheet. It is possible to apply these apart from the wall sticker itself. For wall decorations the size mentioned is the absolute size, also in width x height.

Why does the discount code not work?

Be sure to copy the exact discount code and take into account possible capital letters.

Is it possible to see the products before I buy them?

We sell all our items online and do not have an actual retail store which you can visit.